Pass OChem
Music by Donny Osmund and Chorus
Lyrics by Andrew Chen, Christine Wong, Dallas Yew, Rosalind Wu

Andrew: Let's get down to Ochem- there's a test real soon
Christine: I don't get this problem ...where is doctor Poon?
Dallas: Does the enolate attack this bond
Or am I just so confused?
Rozz: Oh my gosh, what am I gonna do?

Five minutes till seven
It's about to start
Hands are shaking badly
Why am I not smart?
It's the hardest test Iíve ever seen
And I haven't got a clue
Wish I had some more time to review

Rozz: I'm never gonna get an A
Dallas: Say goodbye to those who knew me
Christine: Boy, was I a fool in school for sleeping in!
Andrew: This test's got us scared to death
Rozz: Hope this doesn't leave me crying
Dallas: Now I really wish I did that problem set!

Pass Ochem
We must write swift as a motorcycle
Pass Ochem
With all the formulas memorized
Pass Ochem
With all the tables and graphs in mind
Mysterious as the dark side of the Poon

Andrew: Time has gone by too fast, and I'm still not done
Christine: What did you put down for problem number one?
Dallas: I'm unsuited for this Ochem test
Rozz: But I did give it my best
ALL: Hope the curve, saves my ass once again!